August: Welcome to the Birth of the Atelier Virtual Portal . . .

August: Welcome to the Birth of the Atelier Virtual Portal . . .


Welcome to August. . .

I am excited to unveil the virtual portal into the Atelier!

Starting on September 20th the first monthly SMART Intuitive Painting group will start, both in person and virtually.

It’s your time to . . . paint within a group setting, one evening a month, express yourself through topic-based exercises, discover answers to your questions, see a window into your subconscious genious, have fun, discover colors. . . lines and shapes, discover your personal style, let go.

This is a fun journey that we will embark on together. Each month we will come together as a group . . .whether you participate online realtime (or view the recording . . . at your most convenient time) . . . or make it live in person. This is a journey that starts on September 20th at 7:00pm- 22:00pm Amsterdam time. (which is 1:00 pm EST. . .10:00 am PST). Join us on this journey!

There will be a private group exclusive to club members to share images and insights. This way there is accountability for the topic of the month to  continue strongly!

As you already know, the monthly group will be in the form of SMART sessions. This combines insight from the world of intuitive painting woven in with coaching and a dash of therapy. Of course that DOES involve intuitive painting, which after all represents the A (Art) in SMART.

It’s all in one, in order to bring great insight out of art, that the artist (you) can implement and make positive changes on a personal and/or business level – more info as described in my book SMART.

I will be recording the live sessions, so that you can participate at home from any international location. What this means is that the online part is simply an extra bonus for those coming monthly to the studio (Atelier Molenpad) in Amsterdam.

I hope that you will be as excited about this as I am! Let’s do this! Of course everyone gets to discover at their own pace. . .as we stay in contact with our feelings.

SMART Intuitive Painting Club Details 

We meet in person 7 times, on a Tuesday evening,  ( 3rd Tuesday of the month): 7:00-10:00pm. Current dates are: (2016) Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 20, (2017) Jan 17, Feb 21, March 21. All live sessions are open through a virtual portal (online) and they will be recorded so that you can view and participate at your convenience. . .so. . . you don’t miss anything!

Participation is for members. Newcomers will be able to attend one class as a one time single workshop for 60 euro (as long as space permits). The online part of the program and online private group is inclusive for those who join the 7 month club in person as well.

Investment: €349.-  (for online and in person is the same). This includes 21% BTW Tax. Bring your own paints. Contact me prior to registration to confirm your spot! Bank transfer preferred method of payment. (NL36INGB0006283226 ING Bank, Attention Atelier Molenpad. Please write your name in case it is different name on bank account.)


Our tip this month: Enjoy the rest of the summer! I would say get wet! Whatever that means for you. . .go out and dance in the rain, join a swim team (I have by the way, and am also starting to learn synchronised swimming), go out in the sea if you can!

. . .then grab your sketchbooks and fill em up with your water inspiration! 

  1. Emerse youself in water . . .use your creativity. . . a bath may do the trick as well!
  2. Grab your sketchbook. . .Use any materials and write. . .draw. . .write. . . in layers
  3. Be amazed by your creative genius at work!


The monthly group starts on September 20th. Book your place now, as I have been getting super feedback on this concept!

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