March: Through Rose Colored Glasses

March: Through Rose Colored Glasses


Welcome to March!

Does this mean that we are done with winter and ready to start off the Spring (In the Northern Hemisphere that is)? It’s funny to contemplate this, especially as we have quite a strong hail storm today in Amsterdam!

Do we see the glass half full or half empty. . .might I suggest half full- seems to offer so many more possibilities in my book! Guess it’s a matter of choosing our perspective!

What if changing our perspectives was a matter of changing our glasses. Consider putting the concept of rose colored glasses to the test. What would we notice about the world now? What about this will expand our thoughts, feelings, senses. What new insight might motivate us to jumpstart that project sitting on the back burner? What might these rose colored glasses have to do in enhancing our creativity?

It is my opinion that Rose coloured glasses have much in common with  creativity. When we are creative, we get to create new worlds, new realities, point of views, standpoints, statements etc. We get to brainstorm new ideas, disrupt the status quo, let go of old ideas and get a new energy burst that will ignite a seedling of an idea into full bloom. Because our creative projects are often physical, and visual, we get to share them making dialogues with our colleagues way more fun and discussable.

Ohhhh ohhhh ohhh and by the way, as I mentioned last, my mini videos series about how art is like a window looking inward are in editing mode and soon to be released. In these videos, we will be looking at your painting as a window in, or out. . .not unlike the topic of rose colored glasses.  In order to not miss these videos, you can sign up below, and then the videos will be sent to your inbox as they come out! They are going to be insightful, short and practical.


We had a fantastic retreat last week! Again international as usual. . .with a mix of participants coming from Amsterdam as well as Cape Town and Moscow.  Look over at the EVENT column to the right to see what workshops and retreats are going on! July 11th-15th is the date for the next International Painting Retreat in Amsterdam! (I can tell you that this one is fills up FAST) Such a retreat offers the perfect space and time to dedicate to your own creativity. . .

February: A window into yourself


Wowzers, here we are in February! What a loving month, with cupid in the air and all.

Though the weather in Amsterdam has been fairly mild, we have still have the shorter days of winter. . . .and now we are enjoying how each day is getting longer once again. This brings about this exciting feeling for me that Spring is just around the corner (of course, depending on your location, you may be experiencing exactly the opposite sensation: moving from Summer to Autumn).

So with this tingling of change in the air, what would it feel like to take this time to awaken your creativity to a next level?

On that note, in January, I created a Smart Vision Board for what I will create in 2016. Note: Check out my January Blog to create a board for yourself. As a matter of fact, as I am sitting here typing away, my colorful board sits right in front of me. Really, take the time to make one for yourself!

Now, in flow with my board, I am being reminded of my desire to simplify the meaning of paintings as a window into our inner workings. Of course my book SMART goes all into this in depth, however what if I were to simplify it to the next notch? This is the perfect topic for a video series! Yes! So, as you know me well by now, that’s exactly what I’ll do!

Therefore, my tip this month offers a glimpse into the discovery of how art can offer a window to look inward. Really, like a window looking right into your space. You get to look in from outside. Not unlike having x-ray vision. See what makes us tick as individuals.

. . .and you could see this window as the window that you filter the world through. In other words, you are in your space and looking out at the world through your own perspective. Mmmmm two ways of window voyeuring. . .

So on this note of looking at your painting as a window in, or out, what can we notice about our paintings? What in particular do the strokes, colors, fluidity, forms, composition, intensity and gestures have to say in relation to the topic of a window?

Simply said, what can see in our painting, when we start to notice one dominant element prevailing over others? Of course we all have a mix of these elements, it’s a matter of what stands out most.

Maybe the dominant elements are lines and structure. What might this say about how we handle boundaries and structure in general? Do we rely on thinking rather than feeling things through? Are we flexible, or do we thrive when things are rigidly defined? How do we organise our thoughts?

Maybe the dominant element is lots of flow and fluidity. Here colors blend in with each other beyond boundaries. What might that look like within teamwork? What can be said here about the expression, “going with the flow”?

Maybe the dominant element is expression. Strong marks like an explosion on the canvas. What might this say about communication? Impulsiveness? Management style? Listening? Instinctual? Contrasts in opinions?

Maybe the dominant element is the working though of the painting resulting in a certain insight within the whole composition. What does this say about the degree of self, external reflecton? Conveying of ideas? Making plans? Dealing with change?

Note: looking at paintings from the perspective of these perspectives, shouldn’t be mistaken as having any qualities of judgement. Really far from it. There is no right and wrong. Rather you can see where you might excel and discover unique qualities about yourself that will help make decisions.

During one of my recent corporate Smart Team Sessions, a manager, who had understood that we were going to do something with painting and qualities came into the session with a painting idea fixed in his mind. The idea was fixed even before the assignment and topic were given. This pre-thinking certainly influences and can really freeze creativity to a halt. Needless to say this served as a learning point for all.

Needless to say, observing paintings can give us great insight. Why not look at your paintings hanging in your space and see what you notice. See if you can identify these elements and then go further if you can see what the dominant element might be. You may find that, two elements carry the same weight.

Go ahead and make a doodle, sketch or painting on your own in a non-objective way. Just have fun with it, and only after observe it.

This blog may wet your appetite in a simple way of reading your paintings in relation to looking inside, or outside. What’s next is a video series coming soon!

Since pictures speak more than a thousand words, videos go a step further! In order to not miss these videos, you can sign up below, and then the videos will be sent to your inbox as they come out! They are going to be insightful, short and practical.


Look over at the EVENT column to the right to see what workshops and retreats are going on! February 22nd is the date for the next Intuitive Painting Retreat in Amsterdam! Such a retreat offers the perfect space and time to dedicate to your own creativity. . .

January Diamond in the Rough. . .


Welcome 2016! A new year is ahead of us. . .one that I am particularly excited about. While in Iceland I have been absorbing inspiration all around. The landscape here is especially fascinating. You see what we experienced is an ever changing array of colors, textures, temperatures and light. In particular, I was struck by the gorgeous transparency and reflectivity at one particular lava beach.

You see, this lava beach is the receiver of countless stranded iceberg chunks that get washed ashore by the sea. Sad on one aspect to witness them melting. From a visual perspective, these natural ice sculptures are fascinating beyond belief to witness them up so close. They vary in all shapes, sizes, color intensities and translucency; from a striking teal blue to complete transparent and opaque surfaces. Walking along this black beach with glowing sculptures got me thinking about how each one reminds me of an individual raw mega chunky diamond floating within a all encompassing cosmos.

Yes, they are like diamonds in the rough, full of potential, yet still abstract enough where each spectator can be reminded of a different interpretive form. The black lava beach, as a background, creates that expansive cosmos setting that allows each diamond to uniquely shine. As a diamond metaphor, it is up to each of us individually, if we choose to ‘own’ our ‘diamond chunks’ this year, or purposely let them go so that they can melt away. What rocks will you personally choose as a highlight for 2016?

It is up to us, if this diamond metaphor means major or minor adjustments. Often, when we already have a full plate and are well along the path that we have chosen, we can simply select treasures that enhance where we already are. . .kind of like sparkly powder icing on a cake. Then this is rather an exercise in letting the other sparkly rocks go . . . after all. . .how ever sparkly they may be. . .some rocks are simply heavy to carry around.

So what is a good way to weed through and select our diamonds? What about taking on a creative approach. . .sketching, sculpting, collaging, painting. . .For starters I am going to collage a year in review so that I can acknowledge all the goodies, formed diamonds, from 2015. This is a little ritual of mine to sit back and start to count my blessings on the year. Milestones of 2015 will look like these glacier chunks on a rich black beach.

After I will choose the diamonds that I feel a calling towards to continue to carve out. Needless to say, I will be letting go of other chunks. . .

This process makes January exciting for me. . .it’s like a ‘carte blanche’ moment to choose and refine. This selection process starts in the here and now. . .as in. . .what is important to me now. . .from this point where I am. The next is very real and juicy.

I invite you to do the same. Please take time this weekend to do this exercise. I find it to be a great way to catch up with myself, weed through what was, and what is to become for 2016. A great, fun, creative reality check. . .

So what can you do?  Here are my tips in 5 steps for your personal SMART session to spark up 2016. . .

Step 1: Create an acknowledgement collage for 2015. Any scale that works for you. I personally like A3 format. Sketch, collage images, paint. . .allow it to be raw, don’t worry about the aesthetics.

Step 2: From this collage, feel into where you are right now. What brings most joy to you. What do you want to continue to foster in 2016, what do you want to let go of.

Step 3: Create a 2016 collage. Again any scale that works for you. Be open to new creative ways, techniques etc. . .sketching, collaging, painting. . .sculpting. . .

Step 4: Hang it or prop it up and observe it. Write down your insights on what it will require from you to implement.

Step 5 (bonus): Create space in your calendar for your projects, shifts. . .so that you can start to integrate it TODAY into the way you do things. Your diamond in the rough is now well on the way to being formed in to the masterpiece that brings you most joy! Congratulations! Celebrate! Have fun!

ps. Smart 1:1 Sessions are ideal for this exercise of unleashing your diamonds in the rough. It would be my honour to ‘hold your hand’, so to say, while you carve out your unique path. I look forward to support you along shaping your next adventure for 2016!



Look over at the EVENT column to the right to see what workshops and retreats are going on! February 22nd is the date for the next Intuitive Painting Retreat in Amsterdam! Such a retreat offers the perfect space and time to dedicate to your own creativity. . .

As lead for Art and Education for Burning Man Netherlands, it was fun to interview some artists who participated during the Dutch Decom Burning Man Event that took place in November. In case you missed it, see these series of short interviews here: . . .and be sure to join us in Amsterdam for Dutch Decom in 2016!

December Food For Thought. . .


December is traditionally such the time of togetherness! Though it’s getting colder outside, inside is getting all chummy, making some time to be together for all sorts of meals. Company gatherings, family gatherings, friends, both old and new allow for some extended holiday meals and the feeling of doing something special for yourself and those around. In The Netherlands, the holiday season was started off yesterday, 5th of December with Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas). Family and friends celebrate this holiday traditionally with poetry, gifts, gingerbread-like candy and food. . .so over here the holiday season has started.

Speaking of which, all the urgency to meet up this month, before the end of the year can seem a bit overwhelming. It is in my opinion up to each one of us to decide how we may want to go about the desire to round up the year, tie up loose ends perhaps even get away for a couple of days and prepare for 2016.  I definitely see this time period as a skilled art form, into creating a warm bundel of fun, connectedness and meaningful gatherings. Creativity is once again key! Speaking of which. . .some food for thought this holiday season. . .and a perfect ice-breaker at meal gatherings of any scale is to. . . see your “after you have finished eating your meal” plate as a work of art. Yes, this similar to tea leaf/ coffee reading, but oh so much more colourful!

As all works of art, you may be able to notice something specific about yourself and others. This is especially easier to do when you are able to compare your after a meal plate with others on the table. I like to compare this finished diner plate with your painting pallet. The pallet can be so revealing of your painting. . .

So what can you do?  Here are my tips in 5 steps. . .

Step 1: Fill your dinner plate and enjoy it. . .such a blessing!

Step 2: Eat until you are done. . .

Step 3: After you have finished, observe your plate, turn it, squint your eyes and see what you notice . . .

Step 4: Show and tell, have others at the table show their plate (when everyone is finished eating. . .of course). Ask if it is ok to share what you see with the other person and let the discussions begin. See if you can mention at least 3 values on each dinner plate. Often feedback from others can help to see your own values. . .

Step 5 (bonus): What goal could you set for the New Year that reflects your values?

ps. As lead for Art and Education for Burning Man Netherlands, it was fun to interview some artists who participated during the Dutch Decom Burning Man Event that took place last month. See the interview here:



Look over at the EVENT column to the right to see what workshops and retreats are going on! February 22nd is the date for the next Painting Retreat in Amsterdam! Note: Smart 1:1 Sessions are bookable to fit your schedule! I look forward to seeing you next around campus!

November Foliage Drumroll . . .


Let’s hear the drumroll. . .drrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrd. . .for the beautiful expression of the leaves going on!

This is such another time of year that I love. . .in the Northern Hemisphere we are in full Autumn. . .leaves bursting out into all shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. The wind coming in and letting these leaves soar as a carpet formation onto the earth.
What would your sketches, paintings look like if you acted like nature during Autumn. . . Fully expressed and letting go of any inhibitions, feeling confident that its all meant to be?

Mmmm, wishing you a super November, and I look forward to seeing you this month!

ps. I hope that you enjoyed the 30 day painting challenge last month, where you provided the inspirational colors so that I could translate them into a painting a day. Missed it? You can check them out on my instagram account. . .

pps. What else. . .as you know that I am quite involved with Burning Man, I wanted to be sure that you knew about the Dutch Decom Burning Man Event 2015. This event will take place on November 21st, here in Amsterdam. I am lead for Art and Education. . .so please do let me know if you would like to still submit a project of yours, can even be reading some poetry, or TED X-like talk. . .as we have a fantastic stage just for you! The event itself takes place from 3:00pm- 5:00am. The event is FREE until 9:00pm. This included the AMAZING FIRE SHOW. . .You need tickets after 9:00pm. . .Hope to see you there!



Look over at the EVENT column to the right to see what workshops and retreats are going on! Note: Smart 1:1 Sessions are bookable to fit your schedule! I look forward to seeing you next around campus!

October Inspiration . . .


Let’s talk about inspiration this month! Where does it come from? How can we keep it streaming?

I like to think of two overal sources of inspiration: Internal and External.

Internal inspiration comes from out intuition, our core, our life force.  This can be a feeling, sensation. . .an emotion that rises up to the surface, that wants to express and just shows up in our work. We don’t put any thought into it, we just need to let it come out. At the studio, we often use this sense as a primary source of inspiration to steer our way into intuitive/ expressive painting. Here, we have no idea what the final result will show. There are no comparisons, and we leave aesthetic discussions to the side. It just is.

External inspiration, I believe comes from a stimulation from our senses. . .think about seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching. How wonderful that we can use any one (or all) of these senses to get moving. We get to decide how figurative or abstract we want to play. Perhaps it’s just the color of a landscape that ignites our inspiration. Perhaps its the details of how particular lines in a landscape connect to each other. It’s exciting, time and time again to discover how we digest and translate external stimulation from the perspective of our inner worlds. You still with me?

When I listen to Stravinsky, for instance, I receive information. . .external stimulation, which stirs up all sorts of feelings, colors and movements inside. The colors that I choose, and the way that I choose to express them are personal and therefore this music is merely an inspiration. . .a doorway into ourselves. In this case, such as I witness in the retreats at the studio, when all participants paint based on the same piece being played, we can expect a variety of expressions. It becomes instantly clear, how unique we all are.

Now. . .this month of October, I am offering another form of external inspiration. It involves you!

Yep, that’s right! I’m starting a 30 day challenge. I am going to ask you about  colors/ topics and such to use each day. . .based on this, I am going to create an art piece. . .I will post this on Facebook (Daniella Rubinovitz). You are welcome to do the same challenge and post yours, or even participating in color or topic choice is also fine. Let’s get some interaction going on yes!

Ok. . .let’s start!

What colors should I use for my first painting?


Look over at the EVENT column to the right to see what workshops and retreats are going on! Note: Smart 1:1 Sessions are bookable to fit your schedule! I look forward to seeing you next around campus!

September Buzz . . .


Feeling the September buzz in the air? Most schools in the Northern Hemisphere have just started. So exciting being in a new class or seeing your fellow classmates after a summer break! A new notebook perhaps? What else?

I love the feeling that everything is but an imprint in time. Look around you, see the layers of marks on your desk, the scuffs on your shoes. The are all things that make them yours. They carry memories of your travels, adventures and journey.

At the studio, spatters of paint form layers of being an intuitive painting studio for over the 36 years. Some marks were created as a first spark of expression, daring. Other marks were more details and conscious precision to depict a figuration. All the same, they build up a story of what has past and what is still to come. These boards have been cleaned, scraped and reused over and over and over again. What we see now is a board full of inspiring energy to create further on to. It is welcoming to us. It doesn’t worry that it will get ruined because it knows that it is a support for a stream of inspiration.

Is says, come come come!

Making your markSo what new marks are waiting for you to express?

Are you well on your way and just need to do, or is there something left to gain confidence in to achieve this. . .a course. . .or an action that you can do to move you closer to bullseye?

  1. Now go and do it!


Look over at the EVENT column to the right to see what workshops and retreats are going on! Note: Smart 1:1 Sessions are bookable to fit your schedule!

SPRING updates @Atelier Molenpad

This SPRING issue is short and all about sharing exciting things happening @ Atelier Molenpad.

Lots of spring cleaning, and shaping up the programs. . .schedule and all. Below you will find 3 sections. In the last section, NEW SEASON 2013-2014, I am looking for your scheduling feedback. . .YES some scheduling updates in the air, and more fun activities to be announced in next issue of this newsletter!


ATELIER MOLENPAD GROUP SHOW: SAVE THE DATE, 25 April 6-9:00pm! We are having a show of participating students @ Atelier Molenpad, Intuitive Painting Center. This group show is called:

‘Our. . .’ It’s a collaboration of works exploring. . .OURselves, OUR movements & OUR inspriations.

Participating Artists are:

Victoria Schuller (Also created OUR flyer, below) / Aartienne Kleyer / Watse Hamstra

Rieneke de Ruiter / Ans de Kruif / Tatiana Terekhova/

Erik Pels / Helma Knijn / Anke Kroon / Julika Marijn

Facebook page for this event



Imagine, a full immersion creative week adventure in Amsterdam this summer!

This program will be open to max 10 participants. . .FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED!. . .Please feel free to pass this info on to others who are looking for just this adventure! more information



I have created a Poll to ask for feedback concerning course scheduling for season 2013-2014.

All 3 painting classes next season will take place on the same day. Please select which days will work for you in ranking order: 1 is your top choice. If a particular day doesn’t work at all, please select the N/A next to it. Comments can be added below.

Mondays 10:00-1:00pm, Mondays 2:00pm-5:00pm, Mondays 7:00pm-10:00pm

Tuesdays 10:00-1:00pm, Tuesdays 2:00pm-5:00pm, Tuesdays 7:00pm-10:00pm

Wednesdays 10:00-1:00pm, Wednesdays 2:00pm-5:00pm, Wednesdays 7:00pm-10:00pm


Thanks for your feedback!

with all the elements,


ps. If you would still like to visit my current exhibit at the LJG Synagogue in Amsterdam, the show is extended until May 1st ! Details here

Group Show ATELIER MOLENPAD Season 2012-2013

Group Show ATELIER MOLENPAD Season 2012-2013

Flyer will come here

Rituals & Ceremonies


Now that we are off to a great zooming start in the year, I have been thinking about cycles, patterns, rituals, ceremonies and traditions.

Have you ever stopped to think about the value of ceremonies both in your personal life, and at work? Ceremonies allow us to celebrate milestones, keep stories alive from generation to generation and create a legacy for our hearts and souls. Hereby we can stand still to special moments in time that we cherish and share with loved ones. Sometimes they help us cope beter with circumstances by giving it a place in our hearts. They also help us create a unique sense of purpose that is attatched to time.

While nature’s laws have changing seasons, I, am so grateful for rituals that each season brings. Now in winter I have been able to receive beautiful gifts of white snow sprinkles throughout the month (at least this has been the case over here in Amsterdam). At the same time, it is becoming clear that underneath the snow and frozen grounds, the first hint of buds are poping their heads way up above the ground and all over the tree limbs. And so the snow melts away into the energetic rituals of spring.

The aspect that I love the most about Ceremonies and Rituals, is that it brings me closer to nature’s law. In my experience, of spiritual and religious practices, I have enjoyed the symbolic interpretations of nature’s way. What an experience I find it to re-inact Spring for instance from a sensory aspect. Holiday get togethers call for communitiy experiences of creativity. How about creating by hand: painting, cooking, sculpting, writing. Or singing and dancing together with ceremonial tunes that we sing just during these times! This gets right to my core!

To me it is so similar to gift giving. Isn’t it a totally different feeling to get a gift all wrapped up with a bow! All of a sudden there exists the ceremony of opening the ribbons and packaging, creating an all round experience. A sense of wonder exists. The wonder of holding the present right in our hands, without knowing the content. It is after all the care and thoughtfullness that is appreciated the most!

After all, OUR WHOLE LIFE IS A RITUAL OF EXISTANCE, mmmm there’s a statement to ponder over! If that is the case, what new RITUALS do you care to add on in 2013?

In the atelier I have been looking to add a ritual to start and end our weekly painting sessions. Wouldn’t you know it, that this week a gorgeous Tibetan Cymbal found me, and begged me to be brought to the Atelier! Aaaah a new ritual has been born! Can’t wait to share it’s deep and clear tone with you!

with all the elements,

ps. If you would still like to visit my current exhibit at the LJG Synagogue in Amsterdam, the show is up until mid April.

pps. Helen and I have postponed our SOUL PURPOSE IMMERSION RETREAT, a 2 1/2 day retreat event in Dallas Texas to May! We decided to make it a LARGER event (you know everything in TEXAS is BIG! Ha Ha) Dates are now set for May 17th 18th 19th. Come on y’all!

Do you have a list and want to use my articles in your eZine or on your website? You can, only if you include this complete “blurb” with it:

Article reproduced with permission of Daniella Rubinovitz, Atelier Molenpad,, Unleash A Vision Daniella offers individuals to visually SEE messages from your SOUL, both through teleseminars and live courses.


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