November: Earthbound Color Explosions

November: Earthbound Color Explosions


Welcome to November. . . 

Let’s for a moment examine the cause and effect of trees releasing its leaves and what we might learn from this. We are all pretty aware of the cycles of nature. Leaves, which capture all the nutrients from the light all spring and summer, are released in autumn in preparation for the winter months. During these months all the nursing energy will come from the ground up and nourish from inside out. Trees ‘know’ that as part of the cycle, spring will rebirth new leaves once again.. . .making it easy now, to let go of these precious leaves. It does so in such a celebratory way too! Like color explosions to the ground.

I often need this little reminder myself, which is why I love to share this with you. Because as humans, we make so much meaning out of things, it can be challenging to let go. Panic, fear can creep in. It seems that when the trees express, it is so jaw dropping gorgeous. . .and when we are in the middle of the gunk of expression, gorgeous isn’t the first word that comes to mind. But of course. . .this process of letting go, can be quite messy. Oh yeah, REALLY MESSY, GUCKY and all that. Things falling apart, not making sense. We can feel bare and exposed, not unlike that bare branch. Our vision gets blurry (see video above) through all the mud that gets formed. Yes transformation works in stages that are best left unjudged!

The secret is to continue, to have faith, into what may seem to be the unknown. To trust that all will fall into place. We are enough and can take the time to simmer with it. To see what new insight surfaces. . .to dare I say. . .get bored for a while. . .not get sidetracked. . .be with it. . .spark up our own inner light. . .knowing that we are allowing our next chapter to exist!

Hmm, quite exciting actually! Just knowing that in cleared out space, new ideas, feelings, opportunities can start to sprout in abundance. Aaaahhhhh. I don’t know if this is a no pain no gain story. . .or simply a mindset to allow.

Please give the tip of this month a go and do contact me if you would like some individual guidance into your next chapter!


Our tip this month: Experience through painting, Grounding explosions of color. 

  1. Squeeze out some orange, yellow and browns on a paper plate.
  2. Set up a sheet of paper (or open your sketchbook to a new page). Just as in the video, use your fingers to dabble the paints onto the paper. Start at the top of the paper and dabble your way down. Imagine these are leaves of the tree making their way down to the ground. Repeat this movement starting at top to down.
  3. When you feel done, set your painting upright and take the time to look at it. Squint your eyes. . .What do you notice? What does it feel like? What does it look like? What shapes do you recognise? You can rotate your paper upside down and ask the same questions.
  4. For a bonus. . .are you willing to transform this piece into it own new chapter? Yes? Then go ahead and smear it all together and see intuitively. . .what’s next! Again contact me with any questions or insight. . .we can also make an appointment in person or virtually to read your painting together. . .


SMART Intuitive Painting Club: Next session November 15th. Book your spot now!

This is a fun journey that we embark on together. Each month we will come together as a group . . .whether you participate in realtime online, weather you live in Switzerland, New York, Portland, Chile etc. . .join in! Of course you can make it live in person when you are in Amsterdam! This journey starts  7:00pm- 10:00pm Amsterdam time. (which is 1:00 pm EST and 10:00 am PST). Join us on this journey!

As you know, the monthly group will be in the form of SMART sessions. This combines insight from the world of intuitive painting woven in with a dash of coaching. Of course that DOES involve intuitive painting, which after all represents the A (Art) in SMART. More info about my book SMART.

We meet in person, on a Tuesday evening,  Current dates: (2016) Nov 15, Dec 20, (2017) Jan 17, Feb 21, March 21. All live sessions are open through a virtual portal (online) and they will be recorded so that you can view and participate at your convenience. . .so. . . you don’t miss anything!

Participation is for members. Newcomers to the studio may be able to attend one class as a one time single workshop for 60 euro (as long as space permits). The online part of the program and online private group is inclusive for those who join the 7 month club in person as well.

Investment: €349.-  (for online and in person is the same). This includes 21% BTW Tax. Bring your own paints. Contact me prior to registration to confirm your spot! Bank transfer preferred method of payment. (NL36INGB0006283226 ING Bank, Attention Atelier Molenpad. Please write your name in case it is different name on bank account.)

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