Please access the appropriate link below for detailed information about course enrollment at Atelier Werkplaats Molenpad, Amsterdam.

The master year immersion course fee ( 7 continuous months weekly: September 24, 2013- April 29, 2014) exclusive of BTW, is €918 (+ 21% btw/€193,= € 1111,-) This course includes the year certificate.

The sampler course fee (3 continuous months weekly ) exclusive of BTW, is €445 (+ 21% btw/€94,= € 539) This is a perfect way for out-of-towers to participate in this course.

Charcoal, basic paper and refreshments are included. Paint is exclusive in course fee. All personal materials can be stored at the Atelier between classes. A list of recommended paint and drawing supplies is listed in the link above.

New students or students beginning a class for the first time may register for the year program by August 29th, 2013 as long as the class is not closed. If there is space after this date and a student would like to join the group, this can be done after a conversation with Daniella.There will be no prorating of tuition for currently registered students in the event they are not present for any part of class. For fees for Orientation Workshops please click here.

All courses are applicable for beginner as advanced artists. There is no entrance examination. Class availability is restricted to 9/10 students. Waiting lists are maintained for filled classes and registration is on a first come basis.Registration for courses at Atelier Werkplaats Molenpad happen after verbal contact with Daniella Rubinovitz. The core 7 month courses start on September 17th 2013.Both new participants and participants that have followed year courses in the past can confirm their participation through a one time payment for the course fee to account NL36INGB0006283226 Name: Atelier Molenpad in Amsterdam before August 28th, 2013. Those students who can deduct this from their business can deduct the BTW for tax purposes. If this applies to you, I can give you a bill where this is clearly stated. Because I am a registered art therapist you can get class fees refunded by your insurance company. Please check with Daniella if this applies for you. You have to also check that you insurance company covers alternative therapies and how much your individual coverage is. You can specifically check with them if they cover NVKT, Nederlandse Verenging voor kunstzinnige Therapy (of which I am a registered member). If both of the above apply to you,
after you have completed a diagnostic painting, I will set up your bills so that you can send them to your insurance company.

Material Lists
Included in the courses are the following materials:

  • All charcoal
  • Drawing sketching paper/ 80 gram collage paper, size: 75 x 50 cm.
  • Painting paper 200 grams, size: 65 x 50 cm.
  • Clay

All PAINT and TOOLS: paintbrushes, pallet knife you supply yourself, see the material list under. You can store your materials, paint, pastels, brushes, during the whole course at Atelier Werkplaats Molenpad in a designated space! You can also choose to bring your materials home to continue painting there.

Courses Atelier Werkplaats Molenpad Amsterdam PDF English
Cursussen Atelier Werkplaats Molenpad Ams. PDF Nederlands
Summer Course (not available yet) PDF English
Zomercursus (nog niet beschikbaar) PDF Nederlands
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Fall vacation (Herftsvakantie): 22  October, 2013
Winter holidays: 24 & 31 December  2013
Spring Break (Voorjaarsvakantie): 25 February, 2014

Cancelation Policies
Neither refunds nor credits are given for absences that occur in the course of the month. If you know in advance that you may have to miss a class, there is a possibily to make up a class. The complete registration, payment and cancelation policy for the various courses are available for download in PDF-format here. At the moment this policy is written in dutch, english version is coming soon! Please just read the segment that is applicable for your course!

International Students
International students are able to register for workshops in Amsterdam.For more
information please contact: International Student Advisor Daniella Rubinovitz. Telephone: +31 6 10915544 E-mail: It is strongly recommended that all international students contact Daniella for logistics, such as occomodation and transportation details.

The studio is centrally located, at Molenpad 17D, 1016GL Amsterdam (corner of Prinsengracht and Molenpad). Here is a list of recommended places to look for possible accomodations:

Children six to twelve years of age may register in the children”s classes which are arranged for special events. Please inquire with Daniella about these classes, or look under special events for updates.

Prescribed Course of Study
Atelier Werkplaats Molenpad does offer a Prescribed Course of Study leading to a Certificate of Completion. The courses offered are in Intuitive painting.


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