September: Creating your Masterpiece . . .

September: Creating your Masterpiece . . .


Welcome to September. . .

As you well know, I love metaphors!

This month, see your life as a masterpiece! What do we need to create this masterpiece. . .(drumroll please. . ) a palette! Yes our palette is where we can collect and mix colors. . . thin the colors and play with textures. As a metaphor, sometimes we want to continue with the colors already on the palette, other times, we may prefer to have a whole new set of colors. It is especially exciting to try out just those colors that we have never tried before. . .or use those colors that we used to find ugly! September is a perfect time to learn something new, get out of our comfort zone, add skills or learn about new ways to expand your thinking.

It’s after all the time when there is such a buzz of excitement in the air. Schools are back in session, projects at work re-ignite after the summer break (of course, If you are in the northern hemisphere). It’s the time to express yourself, just like nature will do these coming months exciting colors of foliage. 

So discover your palette this month and adjust it! Make the most of your time moving forward. . .now!

Come and create your palette at the studio! Whether during our monthly club starting on September 20th, or during an intensive summer week retreat. Monthly club video- check it out! way cool!:

Contact me now and let’s get the conversation started!


Our tip this month: Create a metaphorical palette for yourself. Palettes can give us a clue about what our masterpiece may look like!

  1. Create a color for each aspect in your life, and add it to your palette.
  2. What do you notice about your current palette? What is missing? What is there a lot of? How do your want it to be?
  3. Go ahead and create a painting from this palette! Remember to use both hands in creating this painting! Way more fun!


SMART Intuitive Painting Club: This monthly group starts on September 20th. Book your spot now!

This is a fun journey that we will embark on together. Each month we will come together as a group . . .whether you participate online realtime (or view the recording . . . at your most convenient time) . . . or make it live in person. This is a journey that starts on September 20th at 7:00pm- 22:00pm Amsterdam time. (which is 1:00 pm EST. . .10:00 am PST). Join us on this journey!

As you already know, the monthly group will be in the form of SMART sessions. This combines insight from the world of intuitive painting woven in with coaching and a dash of therapy. Of course that DOES involve intuitive painting, which after all represents the A (Art) in SMART. More info about my book SMART.

We meet in person 7 times, on a Tuesday evening,  ( 3rd Tuesday of the month): 7:00-10:00pm. Current dates are: (2016) Sept 20, Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 20, (2017) Jan 17, Feb 21, March 21. All live sessions are open through a virtual portal (online) and they will be recorded so that you can view and participate at your convenience. . .so. . . you don’t miss anything!

Participation is for members. Newcomers to the studio may be able to attend one class as a one time single workshop for 60 euro (as long as space permits). The online part of the program and online private group is inclusive for those who join the 7 month club in person as well.

Investment: €349.-  (for online and in person is the same). This includes 21% BTW Tax. Bring your own paints. Contact me prior to registration to confirm your spot! Bank transfer preferred method of payment. (NL36INGB0006283226 ING Bank, Attention Atelier Molenpad. Please write your name in case it is different name on bank account.)

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