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All workshops are suitable for beginners and advanced students.  Classes are given by Daniella Rubinovitz, when not listed otherwise. The workshops are offered as follows:

Orientation Workshops


ARTJAM entertainment 

(evening entertainment, workshop F):  This is the superb way to decompress from day to day activities. It is a super alternative to clubbing. This night time event (8:00pm- 10:00pm) is produced with funky music and beverages. The session starts off with brief tour and explanation for newcomers about how it works, and then you are off to explore the depths of your creativity! There is always funky music playing in this super creative environment. This is a super form of entertainment where you can let go and play with colors. Be inspired by the music, or lots of images available at the studio. During the session you can sip on some wine or tea, whatever is your fancy. At the end of the session, you bring your new creation with you to  hang up, or choose to pick them up within the following week. Fees: € 40 per participant painting on paper ( If you prefer Stretched Canvas + €10 ). . .


Art Expression in Nature. . .All seasons



Workshops are generally between eight and ten people. If you would like to register for a workshop, you can do this by mail: or by phone at 06 10915544.

Workshop fees include 21% tax, coffee, herbal tea and all fine art materials; large format paper, charcoal, crayon, paint, clay, model fees (when applicable). For full day workshops there is a lunch break at around 1:00-1:45pm so Bring your lunch!

From time to time I have thematical workshops with guests: These are independent 3 hour workshops:  50,= Themes are for instance: Astrology and Painting, Voice and Painting etc. . . In these painting workshop, we have a special guest who specializes in the theme. All exercises are great for beginners and experienced artists. The focus of these exercises is on creative fun in this non-performance environment.


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